Your Own Scalable Business

In the previous segment I mentioned trading as a business, an extremely scalable business.

You should treat it as that. 

Trading is not:

  • Entertainment
  • Thrilling
  • Video game
  • Exciting
  • FUN
  • A hobby

Trading is:

  • Your job
  • Your business
  • Your livelihood
  • Your freedom


If you treat trading as a hobby, gambling, or your adrenaline, thrill seeking excitement, you will not last long. I promise.

Go surfing, snowboarding, or water skiing for your thrill & adrenaline rushes. 

If you were starting an athletic apparel brand, you would be looking to build small wins over the course of years. Small businesses don’t make it overnight. Neither will your trading business.

Focus & get your mind right, because you will make it. If you take it seriously.