CTM Worksheet

Table of Contents

Trading Strategy Worksheet


  • Candlesticks

  • Up Color: Green, hollow candle

  • Down color: Red, filled candle


  • Stockonomy Day Trading Levels Script: Pre-Market High & Low, Previous Day High & Low

Trade Style

  • Momentum Day Trader

    • No interest in trading chop

  • Only hold overnight if remaining size is risk free on 1D breakout

Trading Timeframes

  • 1 Min, 3 Min, 5 Min, 10 Min

Bullish vs Bearish Bias

  • Trending or “Perky” VIX

  • Stockonomy “MOVE” scores


  • Enter at support for calls and at resistance puts above or below PMH, PML, PDL, PDH in direction of trend


  • Support break and resistance touches for calls, opposite for puts

  • Loss of trend or during long consolidations, renter on direction of breakout

  • Caught on wrong side of VIX, Market Trend

Ticker Watchlist


Option Contract Selection

  • DTE between 1-5. 

  • Delta > 0.40

My A+ Setup

Find your ideal trade setups. Your perfect, A+ setup in ideal conditions. Use as many examples as needed as long as they are the same, exact setup.

My Trading Rules

Answer the questions below honestly to help you develop your trading rules.

Tell me about yourself in < 3 sentences.

What are your strengths?

What are your weaknesses?

What do you struggle with?

What are you good at?

Do you like to gamble?

Are you risk-averse?

Are you impatient?

My Trading Rules

  1. Max Loss = 5% of Account
  2. Always trade with stop market order at max loss; can always re-enter
  3. No indicators; just PDH, PMH, PDL, PML
  4. No entry first 5 minutes of open
  5. Trade with the trend. If caught on the wrong side, just close. Don’t fight VIX.


Pro-tip: Write your trading rules down on paper every morning before entering your first trade. Pen and paper creates a deeper memory than typing.

My Risk Management

Account Size = $ 2,000


Account Risk per Trade = R = 5 %


Max $ Risk per Trade  =  (R) x  (Account Size )  = $ 100


% Risk per Trade = 20 %  (Stay between 10-30%)


Max Position Size = (R) x  (Account Size)(% Risk per Trade) = $ 500   


Options Trade Example

*Premium is multiplied by 100 for position sizing


$1.00 premium

Stop Loss

20% Stop = $0.80 premium

Risk per Trade ($)

$0.20 premium

Position Size

$100 / $20 = 5 Contracts = $500

My Trade Journaling

Log your trades daily. 

  • Date
  • Ticker
  • Call / Put
  • DTE
  • Delta
  • Risk
  • # Contracts
  • Avg Entry
  • Actual Stop
  • Avg Exit


This will keep you on track and will hold you accountable. If you do this properly for 30 days you will learn a lot about your trading and will be surprised at what really matters when it comes to PnL.

I will enter my trades at market close at 3pm CST (when) using TradeDash App.

My Workouts


Lift: Upper Body


Lift: Lower Body


Pickup Basketball


Lift: Upper Body


Lift: Lower Body

My Playbook

The remaining pages of this document should be used as your own trading playbook. For each page include a screenshot of your perfect trade. Include Entry, Exit, Stop Loss.

Keep setups that work and setups that don’t work. This is where progress is made.When you’re struggling or unsure, you should be able to refer back to this.


Opening Gap Up – Long

Opening Gap Up – Short

Opening Gap Down – Long

Opening Gap Down – Short

Previous Day High Breakout

Earnings ATH Breakout