What If The Stock Market Crashes

To this day, the cost of waiting for a stock market crash or avoiding the stock market crash has always been more cost-worthy than actually experiencing a stock market crash for long-term investors.

Using the “Stock market may crash” as a reason to not be invested or trading is a weak, uneducated excuse.

As traders, if the market is crashes or is in a downtrend, we can trade short-side just like you trade a long side. Trading puts in a downtrend arguably can be more profitable than trading calls in an uptrend as down moves tend to be quick and explosive.

As investors, a stock market crash is an excellent opportunity to accumulate shares of top companies at a discounted price. The stock market seems to be the only place where consumers would rather pay premium prices than discounted prices. If you’re favorite pair of Jordan’s went on a 30% discount would you buy them or wait for them to return to their normal price?