If you feel your emotions getting extreme (fear or greed) take a break, walk away from the screens. The market isn;t going anywhere. An emotional trader is a losing trader. I’ve been there. It’s never good.

Portfolio and risk managementManagement

Delta: Sensitivity of option’s premium to a change in price…how much premium will move based on $1 move in underlying
Delta near 100 moves dollar for dollar with stock price…deep ITM
Theta: how premium will change as time passes
Gamma: rate of changing of delta for every $1 move in underlying

EMAs in Order…uptrend can go longer than anyonee knows
Stop Loss goes under buy-in candle lowMove up under 13ema or each day’s low
Buy Signals:
Green Candle CLOSEBreaks above inside dayBreaks above last significant red candle resistance 3-4 days before
Bullish Pullbacks:Look for previous high candle..strong or not ready yet?Weak candle probably needs extra resting
No entries first 15min Monday 
Index >55,60 rsi?
4hr chart in order?
If tempted to chase start w/ shares…wait for pullback /support options
Scan for stocks after hours…buy list going into any given day <5 stocks
Don’t buy middle of range…buy breakout or dip
Take long approach buy dips
Inflation & high interest rates = good for banks, energy, utilities; bad for growth & tech
Buy calls when it really hurts…right at support
Buy dips on daily, wait for reversal on 15min
Indices at 70rsi, resistance, etc….lock in profits, prepare for pullbacks across said sector
Use EMAs to manage risk…dynamic trendiness
Start on 15min…support or retsiance breakout at support…EMAs confirm…breakout or basing at b/o
Big waves…don’t trade small waves…strong uptrend
34ema = stop loss…like 21ema most
Fuck the 15min chart…buy dips to 21, 34 ema
Set plan before…stop loss or add on dips…options likely stop loss…shares add more
Stocks w/ noise = harder to trade..ignore
Entries… don’t buy spikes either direction…. wait for consolidation or pullback
Reclaim of 21EMA 15min chart…strong reclaim….close above…then consolidation or pullback hold
EMAs don’t have defined strong trend…trade with support & resistance
Direction of stems = weak, direction of bodies = strong (price moves opposite stems, with bodies)
Reclaim above 21 ema…and stay above it…15min
21 ema major key
21 0r 34 ema 1d risk / stop loss
Use extended hours on gap ups and downs
Trying to time tops and bottoms will lose you money…wait for reversal when entering and exiting…use EMAs on 5/15min
34 and 21 ema key on strong uptrends
Define risk when entering trades….13,21,34,55 ema = dynamic support trend lines
Trade dips and b/o’s at ATHs!!!
Stocks above 21 EMA at ATHs >>>>>>
Every night spend 30min compiling list of top ideas for tomorrow day and getting market sentiment!! Don’t have time to scan and trade during day!!
Keep winners!!!
Scale out on way up!!!! All stocks drop!!
Don’t hope, wait, or guess…play the action!!…I hope it breaks out tomorrow!
Can always add again on breakouts and pullbacks
Smaller positions >>>>
Add more on winners and take advantage of breakouts then dips
Dip buys = + Week min, breakouts = weeklies
Trade earnings run-ups or post earnings breakouts
Not feeling confident…take small loss/win and move on
Best = small losers
Need catalyst…ER, ATH breakout, News, Upgrades,  

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