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"The ultimate gift you can give yourself in life is the ability to hold yourself accountable. If you can do that, if you can truly hold yourself accountable, you can do anything.
The problem is that sometimes it's really hard to hold yourself accountable."
TradeDash is your accountability partner that helps you improve your trading performance.

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Clinical Trading Mastery is the mastery of efficient and unemotional trading performed with excellence and precision.

Clinical Trading Mastery is achieved by focusing all of our time & energy into the 5 Profitable Trading Activities (PFAs) which effect trading performance more than anything else:

These are the 5 Profitable Trading Activities (PFAs) that determine whether you succeed or fail in trading. Do you need to join to do this? Absolutely Not.

However, when you do join, I will explain exactly how to incorporate the 5 Profitable Trading Activities so you can quit wasting your valuable time on activities that don’t actually matter.

The Clinical Trading Mastery Mastery Framework was the final “aha” moment for my trading.

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