TradeDash App Guide

How to Download TradeDash App

1.) Go to app.stockonomy.co

2.) Login

3.) Click the “Share” button

4.) Click “Add to Home Screen”

5.) Click “Add”

What is TradeDash

The issue we think we have is a knowledge gap. But many times we don’t have a knowledge gap. We need someone to hold us accountable.

The ultimate gift you can give yourself is the ability to hold yourself accountable. If you can do that, if you can truly hold yourself accountable, you can accomplish anything. The problem is that it’s really hard to hold yourself accountable. That is why the best athletes in the world hire coaches.

TradeDash is the trading tool that holds your trading accountable while providing objective feedback.

The difference with TradeDash compared to other trade journals is that it measures your performance based on your execution instead of PnL. Was your entry precise? Did you risk too much? Did you stick to your stop loss?

TradeDash started in a Google Sheet and was built hand in hand with Clinical Trading Mastery. I was trying to improve my trading, but also identify what really mattered when it came to profitability. Prior to the spreadsheet, I studied countless hours learning to identify the best setups, entries, exits, indicators, etc looking for the perfect trading system. 

However, while building and implementing this spreadsheet along with Clinical Trading Mastery I came to a surprising and interesting conclusion:

What mattered most was execution: sizing, entries, and stop losses. Proper sizing meant I didn’t risk too much. Proper entries meant I didn’t lose too much per trade. Sticking to my stop loss meant I lost what I had planned to lose. If any of these frameworks are out of sync, then you will not have sustainable or consistent returns. 

Size too big and you sweat and make irrational decisions. Chase an entry and your stop is too far away. Don’t stick to your stop loss and you blow up your account. 

Clinical Trading Mastery is the mastery of efficient and unemotional trading performed with excellence and precision.

Remember, the ultimate gift you can give yourself is the ability to hold yourself accountable. If you can do that, if you can truly hold yourself accountable, you can do anything. Sometimes it’s really hard to hold yourself accountable. 

TradeDash is your accountability partner to achieving Clinical Trading Mastery.


Charles Harris was a trader at William O’Neil and Co. he has had an exceptional trading career within the firm showing a stair stepping equity curve. 

Charles has had multiple years of super performance including +700% in 1997, +1000% in 1999 and +1400% in 2020.

However, he has experienced drawdowns and periods of underperformance in his personal trading accounts that were larger or longer than he desired including a staggering drawdown that deleted about 85% of his personal net worth.

He sought to understand why he had sabotaged his success despite knowing and teaching the rules of successful trading.

He has never made any mistakes within the firm that would destroy his equity curve due to his accountability to another person who entrusted him not only to grow his money but also to protect it, which acted as a deterrent against making egregious mistakes that could jeopardize a portfolio.

The Homepage

The TradeDash homepage is where you will see your important metrics: 

  • Account balance & return
  • Win rate
  • Expected result per trade in dollars & R multiple
  • Average Win by dollar amount, % return, and R multiple
  • Average losing trade return by dollar amount, percentage, and r multiple
  • Execution Grade (Percentage of trades with perfect execution). Perfect execution by Clinical Trading Mastery Framework includes:
    • Stop Loss is within 25% of your entry price
    • Max risk is less than 5% of your total account value
    • You exit losing trades at your stop loss
    • R multiple on winning trades is greater than 1.5R
    • Your option delta is > 0.35
  • Total Profit & Loss by Ticker, Delta, DTE, and Day.
  • Your 5 Most recent trades

These metrics are only possible if you keep a journal of each and every trade. TradeDash holds you accountable to practice the Clinical Trading Mastery Execution Framework. Stick to CTM for 30 trading days in a row, and it will be difficult to not see improved results.

Adding Trades, Deposits, and Withdrawals

Add Deposit or Withdrawal

  1. Click “+” Button in the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. Select “Deposit or Withdrawal” from the dropdown menu
  3. Input the date & withdrawal or deposit amount.
  4. IMPORTANT: Your very first TradeDash entry should be a deposit equal to your beginning or current account balance.

Add Trades

  1. Click “+” Button in the bottom right corner of the screen or “Add Trade” Button on the left menu if on the web app.
  2. Select “Trade” from the dropdown menu
  3. Input the following information
    1. Trade Date
    2. Ticker
    3. Side
    4. Strike Price
    5. Number of Contracts
    6. Average Entry Price
    7. Average Exit Price
    8. Stop Loss Price
    9. Days Until Expiration
    10. Delta
    11. Upload a Stock Chart Image
  4. Click “Save Trade”
  5. To get the most out of TradeDash, it is essential to input all of the above information for each and every trade.


The TradeDash Journal tab is where you’ll find your trade log. Your mobile app trade log will consist of date, ticker, return $, return %, and your CTM execution ratings. 

Click on any row to expand trade details, edit your trade input, view your stock chart, view your profit card, or remove the trade from TradeDash.

The Clinical Trading Mastery Execution Grades

A green icon signals that your execution was significant for said category. A red icon signals poor execution for said category. There are 3 icons for each trade.

Bullseye (Precise Entry): A good entry means your stop loss is no more than 25% below your entry price.

Caution (Account Risk): You are risking no more than 5% of your account value. This accounts for your position size and your stop loss.

Stop (Stop Loss) or Trophy (winning trade): If you see a stop icon, then your trade was a loss. If the stop icon is green this is good execution because you exited at or before your stop loss. If the stop icon is red, you exited below your stop loss therefore your execution is poor.

If you see a trophy, your trade is profitable.

Perfect Clinical Trading Mastery Execution requires all 3 icons to be green.


The TradeDash Charts tab is an Instagram-like feed of stock charts from each of your trades with the ticker, date, and return shown. This tab is an easy way to review your trades quickly and easily.

This is an incredible feature for reviewing your trades so be sure to upload charts for each trade. You can annotate and markup as much as you please before uploading. I would recommend marking entries & exits at a minimum.

Final Words

Clinical Trading Mastery & TradeDash were developed together while working on my trading & profitability. They are meant to be used together. These two items are truly built by traders for traders. I hope you find TradeDash & Clinical Trading Mastery as helpful as it has been for me.

Please reach out hi@stockonomy.co with any feature requests, questions, comments, reviews, or simply to say hello. The more information I receive from users, the better this product can be for all of us.