Introduction for Beginners…When i decided I wanted to get into the markets, I was afraid of screwing up. Avergae, everyday people, make the stock market sounds incredibly complicated and risky. For that reason, I wanted to do it right. I didn’t want to lose a dollar. Therefore, I wanted to geducate myself and gain an understanding of the stock market. I wanted my first purchase to be the right purchase. Before I bought a single share I spent months reading Reddit, books such as the Incredible Invesotr, podcasts, etc.

Looking back, it was all a complete waste of time. Barley understood the INtelligent Investor, but at the time it made me feel like I was making progress. It is filled with financial jargon hat for someone with no financial experience gave me no context. So, I began pursuing Reddit and Podcasts for more of a layman’s understanding.

I finally came across a podcast where they talked about MA and how it had the edge on V and made a very bullish case for MA ownership. So, MA was my first stock I purchased. I then watched it fall everyday during the covid pullback. Shit, this is hard.

I began telling friends, I don’t want to just invest..I want to trade. I knew I could do it before I knew anything. People would lok at me like I was crazy. “That’s risky af.” “You’re going to lose all of your money.” “That’s stupid.”Eh, forget them.

I have been an active Twitter user since 2014-2015 years. I’d use it mostly for sports news and analysis back then. But, then I cam across “men’s self-improvement Twitter.” That changed everything. I had a built up probably around 100 accounts which I followed ranging from health & fitness to lifetsyle to fashion to sales & marketing to mindset to online business to dropshipping to brand building. One guy I followed was Chris Johnson before Chris Johnson became who he is now, he was building a watch company. I noticed he started sharing content from Gerald Peters (@fullauto11). Gerald was teaching how to trade stocks on Instagram. After a few weeks of consuming his content, I reached out to some friends and said, I think this guy is legit. It seems to easy but I think he really knows what he is doing.

Friends were in denial. I threw a few hundred bucks at some of his active trades and was hooked instantly. Friends caught on and we formed a group which watched and talked about every story he posted. He taught and still teaches live on Instagram every Sunday morning from 9am CST to 11am CST. You better believe I watched every live teaching for 6+ months. Every gotdamn story even the ones that weren’t stock related. I didn’t want to miss an inch of his experience and education. This guy with 30+ years experience in the market is teaching how to trade and invest in real time for FREE. The rest is history. Gerald gave me the base and understanding I need to pursue trading and investing and eliminate the bullshit and scam incfluencers.

This book is the combination of all of my learnings over the past two years. I have studied, traded, adn followed the markets obsessively over the past 2 years. There isn’t a day that goes by in which I don’t look at a stock chart. Days, weekends, etc. I have studied hundreds of traders.

My advice to new traders and investors is this: find ONE teacher, mentor, influencer, etc and follow them religiously for 6 months minimum, Follow and listen to on one else. ELminate the noise. Learn what they know before moving on, Fintwit is great but there is so much noise it can be detrimental. Whether that person is myself, Gerald, or Joe Shmo it doesn’t matter. Just get started. Quit reading and put some real money into this and LEARN.

I wish you the best, if you decide to learn from me great! If not, I wish you the best and maybe we will cross paths down the road. Best of luck!