How to Find Stocks to Trade

There are many ways to find stocks to trade: scanners, watchlists, social media, personal life and experiences, etc. I believe the best trading strategy is to follow a list of 20-30 quality stocks to trade. It eliminates noise and allows you to learn and understand price action of each individual ticker.

For myself, I follow a core trading list which features companies which meet the following crieteria:

  • High Liquidity
  • Strong Fundamentals
  • Greater than $10B Market Cap
  • Company in Which I have an interest in owning shares in long-term
Building a core list like this gives you conviction in your trades and also reduces noise and clutter in your trading.  The list below features 25 tickers which I follow daily. These companies are mostly in the technology and growth space as technology is my interest in terms of investing and price action and volatility and liquidity.


Feel free to use the list below and let us know what you think.