Focus History

4+ Trade Ideas Daily

$VIX 15-min trend will determine whether the day’s ideas are long or short focused. If VIX 15-min uptrend is strong, then 3/4 Trade Ideas will likely be short.

A Trade Idea is ‘entered’ if the entry is triggered during market hours. If entry is broken, but never retraces to entry, then the result will be considered invalid.

A Trade Idea is considered successful if price breaks through the breakout level.

A Trade Idea is considered ‘Failed’ if price breaks through the entry level but fails to breakout.

‘% Move From Entry’ is measured from Entry to the Day’s High or Low Price of the underlying. It does NOT display a trade result or account for option contracts.

Trades should be entered on intraday consolidation around the breakout level, just below and/or just above.

Tight stops are advised when trading weeklies. If a breakout or breakdown fails, then that is good reason to get out. Remember, resistance is also a good entry for shorts.

We do not provide targets, as targets are dependent on risk tolerance. We advise using resistance & ATR levels as targets. We also highly recommend using a trailing stops to ensure winning trades stay winners. Be sure to continue to raise your stop as a trade works in your favor.

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