Have You Blown Your Trading Account?

$2,000 to $10,000 in 30 Days

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If you’re looking for a trading course or trade signals, this is not it.

This is a program that will change your life…starting from Day 1.

Will your account grow Yes! But trust me when I say the changes you see in your account over these 30 days are just a fraction of the results you can earn by compounding the lessons learned over a lifetime.

As you read & learn about the program below, keep that in mind.

This is not your next “Full Account Lotto Trading Signals Get Rich Quick” Discord Group…

Read This Before Going ANY Further

Dear Struggling Trader,

As an aspiring professional trader, I’ve spent 8+ hours a day studying charts for the past 3 years. It’s my ultimate goal to make $500,000 per year through trading.

I can tell you firsthand that this journey has struggles that can lead to zero in a matter of days. I know because I have blown numerous accounts during my education. 

That’s why I know what it takes to overcome the failures. 

The reality is that most likely you know how to trade. You know what to do and what not to do. You know what it takes. But now, you’re in your own head. You’re lacking confidence. You’re unsure. You have no conviction. You’re reckless and emotional.

This 30-day bootcamp will get you exactly where you need to be.

Each failed attempt drains a little more hope from your tank, to the point where you’re ready to give in.

Here's How and Why I Can Make You This Promise

I suspect I’m a lot like you

You’ve had Successs.

You have tasted it.

You know it’s real.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t believe so.

Because if you hadn’t tasted it, you’d think it was a scam

But you know it’s real because you’ve felt it, experienced it

Even, if, just for a second, or a few days

You’ve tasted that 2x, 3x, or even 10x trade

That adrenaline rush on perfect breakout…

You know what it feels like to 10x your account

To only have it wiped away in an instant

One poor decision

But you’ve tasted it, if,  even just for a second

You know it’s real, attainable 

You may even think it’s…easy.

But you know it will take discipline.

What are you willing to do to get it back

And make it last forever

You know it will take the utmost control

To keep your emotions in check

Listen, I was in your shoes

I knew everything I needed to know but was still losing more money than ever 

I just needed that one last click


Then I knew…

Most Already Know What To Do And Simply Don't Do It.

It's Not Ignorance. It's Fear.

Who This IS For

Who This Is NOT For


30 - Day Trading Bootcamp

$2,000 to $10,000 Within Just 30 Days

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In 30 Days, you'll grow your account by perfecting your trading system by hitting home run trades without risking your account.

How To Take Complete Control of Your Trading in Only 30 Days

Why 90% of All Copywriters Fail–and How Not to Become One of Them 


30 Day Trading Plan

Become a member of our best-in-class educational program and get ready to get serious!

Trading Diary

Get a FREE call when you join Stockonomy Today and we'll help you setup a trading plan to push you forward!

Your Own Coach

With our massive education portal of lessons and tools, learn how to fish for yourself and find your own trade ideas!

Our 4-Pillar Proven Bootcamp Method

Simplify Your Trading

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Control Your Emotions

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Big Winners, Risk Free

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Extreme Trading Log


And to ensure you never get stuck and have the support you need to complete the bootcamp, you get live 24/7 access to our team


Free Discord group for Bootcamp members. This is not a trading group where we send trade ideas & alerts. This is to check on progress and mentality through the bootcamp. Odds are you are not going to make it through the bootcamp on your first try. Because most DO NOT.

30-Day Bootcamp




Here’s What You Get:

  • Stockonomy Clinical Trading Mastery Course: 10 Modules to Becoming a Clinical Traders.
  • CTM Weekly Previews: Market Reviews Updated Each Saturday to Prepare you for the Week Ahead.
  • CTM Trade Ideas: Top Trade Ideas with Annotated Charts including Entries, Exits, and Precise Trading Plans.
  • CTM Trade Reviews: Winning and Losing Trades Recapped with Analysis and Results
  • CTM Trading Library: 100+ Chart Examples with Technical Analysis Patterns to Prepare you for Everything the Market Throws at You.
  • FREE BONUS #1: Market Educational Content including How tot Trade Earnings Reports the CORRECT Way..
  • FREE BONUS #2: CTM Chart Setup & Custom Indicators for Thinkorswim
  • FREE BONUS #3: CTM Custom Watchlist Indicators for Thinkorswim to Sort Your Watchlists by Strength & Weaknes so You Do NOT Have to Look at Every Chart
  • FREE BONUS #4: 60-Minute Thinkorswim Experience Tutorial
  • FREE BONUS #5: Additional Stockonomy Approved Market Resources
  • FREE BONUS #6: Unfiltered Notes From Live Trading Sessions to Experience Raw EMotions so You Do Not Have to.
  • FREE BONUS #7: An Evergrowing Library of Content of Trading Tips & Tricks to Get You In-Tune with the Markets.


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Clinical Trading Mastery

Price Action

Support & Resistance

Using EMAs to Determine Trend

Technical Analysis:  Human Psychology

Identifying Trading Setups

The Holy Grail Trade

Building Your Watchlists

Planning Your Trades

Managing Your Trades Intraday

Determining Your Bias

Bonus: Options Trading 101

Bonus: Beginner to Expert 0-100 Trading Flow Map

Bonus: Portfolio Management, The Secret to Long-Term Greatness

Bonus: Mindset & Building Conviction

Market Watch

News & Headlines

Economic Calendar

04.04.2022; NFLX

04.01.2022; TTD

03.11.2022; NFLX

03.11.2022; TSLA

Trades by Ticker

Weekly Charts

Daily Charts

15-Minute Charts

5-Minute Charts

Uptrend Breakouts

Downtrend Breakouts

Earnings Beat

Gap & Go

Gap & Fill

Island Reversals

Bearish EMA Crossover

Double Bottom

Double Top

All-Time High Breakouts

Exhaustion Extension


Friday Lottos

EMA Pullback

Blow-Off Top

Head and Shoulders

Inverse Head and Shoulders

Bull Flag

Falling Wedge

AMD – 2021

SE – 2021


NVDA -2021

UPST -2021

PTON – 2021

NFLX – 2021

Sign Up With a Broker and Deposit Money

Download Thinkorswim

Understanding Price Action

Reading and Annotating Charts

Core Watch List

Day Trading

Swing Trading

Position Trading


Buy the Dip

Swing Trading


Position Sizing


Price Targets

Stop Loss


Option Contracts

Exit Plan

Support & Resistance

Candlesticks, OHLC Bars

Chart Setup



Moving Averages


Chart Patterns


Major Indices

Sector Indices

Breadth Analysis

Volatility Index



Strike Price

Expiration Date



Analyze Core Tickers

Analyze Daily Focus List

Using Price Alerts

Develop a Trading Plan

Stockonomy Jargon

New Highs vs New Lows

Stocks Above 200-Day SMA

Linear vs Logarithmic Charts

Fibonacci Retracements & Extensions

Market Research & Resources

CTM Custom Indicators

Early Entries & Key Pivots

Thinkorswim Experience

65-Min & 195-Min Charts

Earnings Do’s & Don’t’s

Unfiltered Notes From Live Trading 

Sector Indices

Option Flow

Candles & OHLC Bars

Trading Patterns for Dummies


Trading Patterns

Moving Averages


Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Stochastic RSI


CTM Chart Setup

Scanning Charts

Building Conviction

Mindset Conversion

Abundance Mentality – Always another plays

Notes from Live Trading

High Growth for High Returns

List of Stocks to Trade by Sector

Understanding Price Action

Ask a Question Your Question Here…

When is the Best Time to Buy a Stock

How to Find Stocks to Trade?

What Timeframe Should I Use?

How to Trade With a 9-5?

Advice for Beginner Who Wants to Learn Options Without Wasting Time

How to Trade a 5k Account Versus a 100k Account

What Strategy Would You Recommend for People Just Starting to Trade?

How Do You Identify a Bottom?

Can I Trust 1-Min Candle Volume?

Why Do We Use Specific EMAs?

What is a Chop Versus a Trend Day?

What Are Some Tools to Identify if the Current Day is Chop or Trend Day?

What if the Stock Market Crashes?

How to Read Options Flow for Beginners?

Should I Trade Penny Stocks with a Small Account

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