Uptrend Breakouts

NET 10.04.2021 Earnings Beat & Breakout; 1D, 15min, 5min Charts Shown Weekly Daily 65-min 15-min Image #1 Image #1 Image #2 Image #3 Image #3 XXX XX.XX.XXXX Earnings Beat & Breakout; 1D, 15min, 5min Charts Shown Daily 15-min 5-min Image #1 Image #2 ETSY 5-min AMD 07.28.2021 Earnings Beat & Breakout; W, D, 15min, 5min […]

Finding Your Winners

Earlier, we learned that emotions fear and greed drive price action in the short-term. In this lesson, you are going to learn what drives price action over the long-term (years). Finding good, strong companies makes trading much easier. Good companies stock price is more likely to increase than that of a poor company. If a […]

Blow-Off Top

What is a Blow-Off Top? In a vacuum, a blow-off top is a steep increase in volatility, volume, and rate of price change which ultimately leads to a collapse in the opposite direction. On a chart, the price pattern often resembles a cone. It steeply increases, reaches an extreme high, then steeply decreases, with the ultimate high of […]