Planning Your Trades

Keep It Simple Stupid. Entries, Stop Loss, Targets, and Position Size. Trading without a plan is a surefire way to getting crushed. Trading with a plan and sticking to that is how eliminate and control your emotions trading, the key to become a winning traders. Entries The 2nd best time to enter a trade is […]

Building Your Watchlists

Watchlists are the key to staying focused not only during your chart reading sessions, but also during your trading day. You do not want to be searching any ticker you can think of at the open to find a decent trade. That is a sure fire way of allowing your emotions to take control of […]

Identifying Trading Setups

So far we have learned to: Identify support, resistance, and consolidation areas Identify a trend In this lesson, you hare going to learn to use the first two lessons to identify high probable trading setups. There are two ways to do this: Look through hundreds of stocks one by one Use a scanner to filter […]

The Holy Grail Setups

When you scan 100s of charts each day, looking at intraday, daily, and weekly charts you are going to easily find 50 possible trades every single day. Let’s be real for a minute. You do not have enough money to take every good trade. If you did you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Even […]

Using EMAs to Determine Trend

Take a look at this ETSY chart. At first glance, it looks like a disaster. Take a closer, 2nd look. Really look at the trend lines. Individually, do they all make sense? At least in hindsight? In my opinion, the answer is yes. Without a doubt, they all make sense individually. Or at least you […]