Beginners Start Here

  1. Sign up for a broker
    1. TD Ameritrade
    2. Robinhood
    3. E*TRADE
    4. WeBull
  2. Choose a Charting Service
    1. Thinkorswim (TD Ameritrade)
    2. Stockcharts.com
    3. Tradingview.com
  3. Deposit money which you are willing to lose (This will eliminate some of your emotions)
  4. Build a watchlist and look at these charts each day. Try to identify the 4 stages of stock movement in the image at the bottom of this page. Looking at charts is going to be tedious at first but in due time you will be able to analyze a chart in less 10 seconds. The more charts you look at the better you’ll get. When you drive past Home Depot (HD), look up the chart on your phone.
    1. SPY – S&P 500
    2. QQQ – NASDAQ 100
    3. DIA – Dow Jones Industrial Average
    4. AAPL – Apple
    5. FB – Facebook
    6. TSLA – Tesla
    7. NVDA – Nvidia
    8. AMD – Advanced Micro Devices
    9. JPM – JP Morgan
    10. BABA – Alibaba
    11. DAL – Delta Airlines
    12. TGT – Target
    13. ROKU – Roku
  5. This list will cover a good portion of the market as a whole. It covers major indices, big tech, social media, banks, airlines, retail, and growth. The SPY, QQQ, and DIA are most important to understand. They give the overall market sentiment. If those 3 are down, then most stocks will be down as well. If they are in an uptrend, stocks are more likely to be in an uptrend as well. It is essential to understand how these indices are moving.
  6. After you follow the market for a few days, look at some charts, and educate yourself via this course, send me an email at hi@stockonomy.co with a watchlist of 5-10 stocks you’d like to buy and your plan of action and I will help you out personally. Don’t stress about finding stocks to trade. Just look around you. What products do you use daily?
    1. Drink Coca-Cola (KO)?
    2. Watch Netflix (NFLX)?
    3. Have an iPhone (AAPL)?
    4. Drink Celsius (CELH)?
    5. Fly Southwest (LUV)?
    6. GF wears Lululemon (LULU)?
    I don’t mean to overwhelm you, but the question beginners ask most is they don’t know what stocks to trade. I want you to get in the habit of looking around you and identifying trends.
  7. Note: When I first started scanning trading forums, I was overwhelmed by ticker names. I thought it was crazy how everyone new what each company’s ticker was. It will come with time. But for that reason, I will be referring to all companies by their ticker. Bear with me, but it will expedite your learning process. Ex: I like to scroll TWTR on my AAPL iPhone while watching Mad Men on NFLX.

All stocks move in these 4 stages. Try to see the patterns. When you are looking through your charts each day.