75 Trade

75 Trade is inspired by Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard. 75 Hard is a challenge to build mental toughness. Andy will often proclaim that 75 Hard is NOT a fat loss or fitness challenge despite many claiming it to be one. 

Here is Andy Frisella’s 75 Hard:

☑️ Follow a diet.  This can be the diet of your choice, but it must be a structured plan designed with a physical improvement in mind.

☑️ You must complete two 45-minute workouts. One of those workouts MUST be outdoors.

☑️ Absolutely NO alcohol or cheat meals.

☑️ Take a progress picture every day.

☑️ Drink 1 gallon of water.

☑️ Read 10 pages of a book.  **Audiobooks DO NOT COUNT.



You have until you go to sleep to complete the day.

If you fail, you MUST start over on Day 1.

We believe that mental discipline is the #1 reason which 90% of traders fail. Everyone knows to buy breakouts and seel at resistance. But most really struggle to control their emotions and are controlled by fear & greed. 

Which is why we have created our own version of 75 Hard designed as a mental discipline bootcamp for the stock market called 75 Trade.

The difference being that since the market is only open 5/7 days each week, the challenge will last a minimum of 75 trading days (15 weeks) or however long it takes you to execute 75 trades.

Without further ado, these are the simple tasks that you have to do for the next 15 Weeks 👇👇👇

Choose a Strategy and Stick to It

1 Trading Style

Day Trading, Swing Trading, Options Trading, etc

1 Entry Plan

Breakouts, Pullbacks, Scale in or All at Once

1 Exit Plan

Scale Out? How will you exit? Sell into strength at price targets or use trailing stop losses

1 Timeframe

You will use 1 timeframe to find trade ideas & 1 timeframe to manage your trade

1 Chart Setup

This means Candlesticks, Indicators, Colors, etc.

Do NOT Lose More Than Your R (Risk)

Day Trading, Swing Trading, Options Trading, etc

Watch & Trade Only 5 Tickers

Preferably your 5 tickers meat these conditions:

  • High Liquidity
  • Weekly Contracts
  • Follow the Overall Market
  • More than $10B Market Cap
  •  Technology Sector
Personally, I choose AMD, AAPL, SPY, QQQ, and VIX.

AMD and AAPL cover semiconductors and big tech and are extremely liquid and relatively cheap in comparison with their peers.

SPY and QQQ are extremely liquid and offer 0DTE contracts Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

VIX gives us an understanding of overall market trend, volatility, and premium pricing. 

Do NOT Open a Trade Within the First 45 Minutes of Market Open

There’s an old saying that goes, “Amateurs at the open, Pros at the close.” 

Trading the open can be extremely difficult and is often when emotions are running their wildest. Your best bet is to not even logon to your trading software until 45 minutes into the open. 

The opening 45 minutes is the most volatile time of the day as the market attempts to process any overnight news and retail traders rushing into positions. The high volatility raises option premiums and makes it extremly difficult to determine a good risk to reward ratio. 

You Must Complete One 45-Minute Workout Each Day

This will not only build discipline, but will keep your mind fresh and working correctly. There are numerous studies on this and I will not explain. 

The workouts can be lifting weights, biking, running, competitive sports, etc. The minimum workout will be a fast paced walk. Look up Zone 2 Training if you are unsure what this is.

Journal Absolutely Every Trade

Day Trading, Swing Trading, Options Trading, etc