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When creating this program, I kept thinking to myself what is most crucial for traders?

What is currently missing from the market as a trading resource for new or struggling traders?

There are thousands of courses & discord groups and social media accounts that are all extremely similar and don’t really help you to become better after a certain point. No one talks about training your mind, emotions, behavior, and execution.

Trading courses are built around technical analysis and are absurdly priced. $1997 to teach TA. If you’ve been trading for 3 months you should understand support & resistance and breakouts & breakdowns. 

Discord groups are filled with hysteria, alerts that you can’t take action on quick enough, and constant noise that is more entertainment & distraction then education.

Both Discord groups and Trading courses tend to overcomplicate things to keep you coming back and asking more questions and spending more money.

As of this writing, I’ve successfully ran this bootcamp challenge 3x in 2022 while tweaking and perfecting the system along the way. I’m now ready to share it with you. I hope it brings the same success that it has brought myself and we can continue to tweak and perfect it together.

This Bootcamp is designed around a set of simple rules. The rules are simple in theory, but are difficult in practice over a long period as our instinctual human behavior takes over.

The bootcamp is supplemented by additional resources that I believe will help you. They were designed to be short and easy to consume in a matter of minutes. No fluff. I believe that text is easier to consume and reference back to than video hence the preference for text based material within this platform. 

If you have any questions regarding any content or material or the bootcamp itself, please reach out. You are getting in at the very start and will have access to current and future content for life.  

Please note, this is just the start of our trading library, and it will continue to grow over time. Congratulations for getting in on the ground floor.  With that being said, feel free to send in chart requests or questions as they too can be added to the library. 

Please feel free to reach out and introduce yourself within the Discord group. Ask questions and be active. This group and program will be even more powerful with more input from YOU. Who knows your question may be a good piece of content for the bootcamp. The more questions and feedback I receive, the more streamlined this program will be for current and future members as well as myself!

Talk soon, I will be in touch.


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